Youth Focus

What’s Up at New Columbia in Autum 2009? Check it Out…

Youth Literacy Center Opens in Boys & Girls Club

New Columbia is proud to announce the opening of the Boys & Girls Club After-School Literacy Center Program! This year, the Boys & Girls Club aims to improve 2nd and 3rd grade reading and writing levels through a multisensory approach – integrating sight, sound, touch, and movement to help students excel. Daily sessions are free of charge, but students seeking this service must be pre-enrolled in the program to participate. If you are interested in this opportunity, please contact Regence Boys & Girls Club staff Greg or Jennifer at 503-853-8678

CREW Lunch Bunch

While CREW provides many services in the community, like their Man Up Leadership Academy for young men or their Campaign for Real Beauty Self Esteem curriculum for young ladies, they are adding an additional component to the program.

CREW is now working in the Portland Public School system to work with youth who have been referred to them through a counselor or a parent who would like their child to receive extra guidance. CREW meets youth on their lunch period and works with the youth while they eat. One of the goals of this program is to positively encourage youth to spend more time in the classroom and less time in the Principal’s office.

CREW is proud to collaborate with Rosa Parks School, Clarendon at Portsmouth School, George Middle School and Roosevelt High School.

For more information please contact CREW leader, Ashley Brown at 503-876-0688.

Little Kid Dance!

This is a special dance for kids ages 6 – 12 years old. For one dollar they can come and dance from 7:30 – 9:30pm. Head on over to the Boys & Girls Club at 4430 N Trenton.


 Summer 2009 was a Success!

With 1,200 youth at New Columbia, we had our hands full. During the summer we had a wide variety of programming to keep kids and teens positively engaged. Here’s a little taste of what we implemented in Summer 2009:

Film Action Oregon & Project Youth Doc.

Film Action Oregon hosted a program called Project Youth Doc. This was a hands-on workshop that taught kids about filmmaking. The culmination of the project let youth walk away with a finished product that they created.

My Story Photography

My Story taught youth how to express themselves through photography. With two My Story staff members that led the workshops, the youth learned how to capture images, utilized various techniques. You can see their photos on display in the Community Education Center at 4625 N Trenton. For more information on My Story contact the Executive Director, Chris at

CREW Academy

Ashley Brown led the Young Women’s Academy by utilizing the Dove Real Beauty Curriculum. Pernell Brown led the Young Men’s ”Man Up” Leadership Academy.  The groups discussed issues relating to conflict resolution, self-esteem, personal growth, community leadership and academic performance. The youth who participated in the program graduated in front of their parents during a Family Night Celebration in the Community Education Center.  To learn more about CREW Academy, contact CREW Leader Ashley Brown at (503) 875-0688 or

Check out some photos of CREW:

Reach & Teach Pocket Park Events

Every Tuesday and Thursday from 1-3pm there were snacks and an activity for youth in the designated pocket parks. These activities ranged from learning to play lacrosse to making bookmarks with the Center for Family Success. In part of New Columbia’s core values of building community, we connected with community partners to share our wealth of resources and provide engagement opportunities for youth and community partners alike. For more information contact New Columbia Community Builder Molly Gray at (503) 285-0333 or

Girl Scouts Troop

Girl Scouts realized the potential in New Columbia girls. Girl Scouts seeks to build courage, confidence and character in girls going into grades 3-6 in the next academic year. This troop is currently seeking active parents to step into leadership roles to help sustain the group. To learn more contact Girl Scouts Outreach Coordinator Lauren Shapiro at (503) 328-5243 or Leslie Esinga at (503) 289-6089.

To learn more about what is happening just for youth at New Columbia, contact the Community Building Office at (503) 285-0333 or email New Columbia Community Builders Molly Gray at or Leslie Esinga at (503) 289-6089 or