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Property Management

Guardian Real Estate Services

New Columbia is managed by Guardian Real Estate Services. Located at 4605 N Trenton, the New Columbia Management & Leasing Office is centrally located. Residents can swing by the office on their way home from picking up their kids from the Regence Boys & Girls Club, or stop in after using the computer lab in the Opportunity Center.

Darcy Vincent, the Community Director is “brimming with optimism.” She looks forward to the opportunities and challenges of working in our 82 acre property. Darcy and Guardian Real Estate Services came on board in July 1, 2009. To learn more about Darcy, click the word “people” under the “property management” tab.


In a community with 850 housing units and over 2,700 residents it is important to have strong communication. Guardian Real Estate Services is striving to keep the lines of communication open so residents can interact with staff in a way that best fits their lifestyle. While emailing is easy for some residents, others might prefer meeting face to face or leaving a note in the drop box. Darcy Vincent, Community Director, understands that people prefer different ways of connecting with property management.

Guardian Real Estate Services is completely revising their office phone system in the New Columbia Leasing & Management Office so each department and each desk will have a direct line. So if you have a leasing question you can directly contact a leasing agent and you don’t have to leave a message on a main office answering machine hoping it gets to the right department and then to the right person. 

“Our goal is that you get a live voice when you call the management office. We want to connect you with what you are looking for in the easiest way possible,” stated Darcy Vincent. 

Numbers will be posted on the website when the phone system is revised.

Why Anna Likes Working at New Columbia…

Want to meet some of the New Columbia Property Management Staff. Click the video to meet Anna:


Meet Anna:

New Columbia Property Management Office
4605 N. Trenton
Portland, OR 97203

Office Hours: 9AM – 6PM,
Monday through Saturday

Phone: 503.286.1500
Fax: 503.285.2304

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