Who to Contact

Helpful Numbers

New Columbia Property Management Office: 503.286.1500

Non-Emergency Police: 503.823.3333

Emergency: 911

New Columbia Events Line: 503.802.8365

Traffic safety problems: 503.823.SAFE

Health and Social Services: 211

Office of Neighborhood Involvement
Crime Prevention Program Coordinator
LaShanda Hurst
Phone: 503.823.4094
Fax: 503.285.5614
E-mail: LaShanda.Hurst@ci.portland.or.us

New Columbia Staff

Community Builders

John Keating, JohnK@hapdx.org 503.285.5015

Leslie Esinga, LeslieE@hapdx.org 503.289.6089

Molly Gray, MollyG@hapdx.org 503.285.0333

Marjorie Harris Shakier, Marjorie@hapdx.org 503.285.5213

Resident Service Coordinators

Lucia Pena, LuciaN@hapdx.org, 503.289.6082

Arlene Gregory, ArleneG@hapdx.org, 503.943.5607

From Community Builders to Crime Prevention Coordinators, many people are working to keep New Columbia a good place to live. Meet one woman whose voice is heard on behalf of the residents.

Meet Lucia: