Procedure for Petitioning the Board

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Procedure for Petitioning the Board of the New Columbia Owners’ Association

Purpose: To provide a process allowing a homeowner with a concern or a complaint about the New Columbia community operations, subject to the New Columbia Owners’ Association authority, the opportunity for a formal review of the issue by the Owner Association’s Board and a written statement of the Board’s decision on the specific issue(s).

Process: A homeowner with a concern, complaint, idea, or suggestion on an issue that falls under the operation and/or authority of the New Columbia Owners’ Association should:

  1. Send a written request specifically explaining the issue to the property manager’s homeowners’ representative, currently Shelia Halcomb, either via e-mail or letter.  If the homeowner has a suggested solution, that information should be included in the correspondence.
  2. The property manager’s homeowner representative will provide a written response to the homeowner, via e-mail or letter, within:
    • one business day for urgent items, or
    • one week for non-urgent items

    Urgent items are issues, which, if not corrected immediately, present an imminent danger to health of a person or extensive property damage.  If a non-urgent issue submitted by a homeowner cannot be resolved in one week, the property manager’s homeowner representative will provide the homeowner with a written status report within one week with an estimated date for full resolution.

  3. If the homeowner is not satisfied with the response provided by the property manager’s homeowner representative, the homeowner should provide the following documents to the homeowner’s elected representative to the Owner Association Board, currently Caren Cox, within 15 days of homeowner’s receipt of the response from the property manager:copy of homeowner’s original  letter/e-mail explaining
    the issue, and
    • a copy of the response from property management office,
    • copies of any other pertinent documents
  4. The homeowner’s elected representative will contact the homeowner within 5 days of receipt of the documentation and arrange to meet with homeowner to review the issue.  Following that meeting, if the homeowner does not believe the issue is resolved, the homeowner’s elected representative will complete the Petition to the Board form and submit with appropriate documentation to the Board.
  5. The Board will review and issue a final written response to the homeowner, with copy of same to homeowner’s elected representative within 30 days of the date of receipt of the Petition to the Board.  Prior to the issuance of the final written decision, at the homeowner’s request, an appointment will be scheduled with the entire Board to review the petition.  The homeowner will be allotted 15 minutes to provide additional information around their petition.