Meet Your New Columbia Neighbor

Meet Your New Columbia Neighbor: Imahni Johnson

Imahni Johnson has an art portfolio that is so full of drawings she cant even close it. Ask her where she stores her art and shell simply say, Wherever it fits. She used to hang them on her wall, but now that she has no wall space or room in her portfolio, she stuffs them in bags and keeps it in her bedroom. Shes constantly drawing and sketching, and is always thinking of new things to draw. If I see something I like, Ill draw it and then add something to it. She says. As a 13 year old shes gone through various interests in art. Once in love with portraits, she has found a passion with abstract design. She enjoys drawing landscapes with a twist and making it random. After drawing trees from McCoy Park, she is now getting into caricatures and cartoon images. Imahni finds interesting things to draw all over New Columbia and says Anything and everything can inspire me. A truck can be inspiring. Imahni says even though art is her first love, she also enjoys jazz dance, and volunteering at University Park Community Center working with the little kiddos. Although she loves abstract art, her dream job is to put her talent to work and become an architect. She and her family have lived at New Columbia for almost 3 years and enjoy growing up in the community. Imahnis parents, Raul and Catrice Alleyne, say they are grateful for the free activities that occur here, like the games and snacks in the Pocket Parks. Catrice and her kids go every week, and while her youngest two, Jaylin and Gabe, play on the playground, Imahni sits in the shade and sketches in her drawing book. To see one of Imahnis drawings, swing by the Community Building Office at 4625 N Trenton, where it is framed on the wall.